Welcome To Kassner House

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Business by appointment only….  Best Email to contact me … Please email me at lcflisa@gmail.com


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Please email me at lcflisa@gmail.com

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4 Responses to “Welcome To Kassner House”

  1. John & Patty Says:

    Hi, Lisa, thank you for your message and kind thoughts. In addition to being Chaplain to media people, we have been working on an exciting book series for the last decade. At this time I have no leading to reopen past Media Focus projects. I am always open to change as the Lord leads, as you know us well enough to remember that.
    God has opened incredible doors over the last few years. Perhaps in the near future we can chat. In the meantime, we hope you will read our 4 books that are out. Pat Walmsley is preparing book 5 for our publisher.
    Our prayer is that you are walking closely with the Lord and enjoying His blessings. John & Patty

  2. Don Saxton Says:

    Hi Lisa!!
    This is Dawn from the old chat site. How are you doing?? I see you now have a new Puppy. My condolences about Mc Tinkers. He was truly a great companion for you.
    I’m now retired, and my Wife passed away a little over 2 years ago. I still keep active in the Union, and last night I was re-appointed to a second term as a City Planning Commissioner. I’m also dating a lady. She’s in the Army, but getting out of the service in another week or so. She’s 32 years old, and we hit it off so well, we are planning on getting married next year. I’m getting along pretty well in spite of having had a medical problem this year. Last February I fell in the Kitchen and broke my left wrist, and cracked three reibs. Since that accident, I’ve had issues with my whole right side, but my doctor says it doesn’t appear I had a Stroke.
    I do hope your Medical problems have improved, and that the property back in North Dakota is going OK.
    Drop me a line now that you have my E-mail address. I’d love to keep in touch with you!! BTW before I forget- I upgraded my Short Wave Receiver!! I now have an SDRplay RSP2pro, hooked to my laptop!! I’ve been having fun playing with it but still not sure of what I’m doing. Now that I have the time for DSL’ing, there are no books like WRTH anymore, so I’m going kinda blind to get good signals at the right time.
    Have a great day, and keep the new Puppy close, because he sure is a cutie!!!

    Don Saxton (Dawnie)

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