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June 22, 2016

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“45  years of broadcast network television, & radio experience”


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Here is a big news UPDATE:

I have a serious health issue called Rope Worm…  This parasite was recently discovered in 2013… This parasite is a “Biofilm” … There are no known cures and limited treatments  at this time… Very little written in Science Journals other than misinformation and ridicule… if anything,  It is time to put my affairs in order and release many videos as works in progress…  Look for progress reports very soon… Taking some time to think about getting this all right…


My last day at NBCUniversal:  On – Air Videotape Operations, Burbank CA  as supervisor was Friday, December 21, 2012 after 34 years of service.  I was the very last person in my department.  I turned off the lights …The Last one to go… I am starting into a new season and many chapters of my life yet to write… Look for some changes coming to this blog site soon…

Taking some time to think about getting this just right!

Kindest and sincerest warm regards,

Lisa J. Kassner


Joseph Campbell

 This is an image of my 2013 Date Book.

Please pray for me and my projects…



2015 has been some year… More than I want to post about and share…

I had one client last year… I recorded three events for them… Negotiations with them went awry because of Board Members having personal life issues and resigning… Let me share two short video promo teases of what I have been working on behind the scenes… Works in development…  I like these people a lot… The subject matter and content … I am following my bliss…




Introducing:  “MacKenzie Finley Tinkers”


“Studio Dog Tinkers”

Studio Dog Tinkers

“So Now What Mr. Tinkers”


 Video tests with the GH2…


It was time to release this footage from 2011


Kassner House @ Earth Day 2013

Event Date: Monday, April 22, 2013.  Location: UCSB Contact: UCSB Campbell Hall and Storke Plaza Isla Vista, CA This an event hosted by UCSB Fossil Free and UCCE and sponsored by Environmental Affairs Board. This will be a chance for the UCSB campus community to discuss our relationship with fossil fuels…

Please share widely


In Development: Coming soon…

Kassner House @ The Green Campaign School


Campaifn School Green Party Logo


Coming soon in development…

Lou Zigman Grievance handling skills logo


John Nelson from John Nelson Plumbing explains how he does a complete copper re-pipe of a house in six hours…

“These Workers Were Awesome”



Relax at The Beach!

I recorded this sound in 1991 at Sycamore Cove Beach, California.  The original intent was to have library of beach sounds for various audio and video projects.  I then first released in 2001 this recording to give to Members for my Members Assistance Program, for The Coordinators to duplicate and monitor comments, and feedback regarding this recording… Other people I have been close to at work also got copies…some have said this recording is healing to the soul listen to…

I have produced a CD that has been given to many people to play for relaxation purposes in their homes and offices.  Because this audio recording has been so popular, I thought I would share these beach sounds with you all.  The high quality recording on the Compact Disc is amazing… I will be making this recording available for sale soon I hope… Here is a lower quality sample recording to listen to…

See if you too find this environmental recording relaxing to listen to…. Please note the sound quality on this video above is not the same quality as the CD that is for sale… Amazing Quality … Beware !!!


Victor Anderson IV

Talks about Advance Awnings and Patio Covers


Here is the latest Project in development

“I rescued the audio on this message someone else recorded” … We are trying an experiment to see what kind of response we get regarding content from this meeting…



Here is something new and  special in development

Logo Idea 1

Have a listen to a pilot program idea

in Collaboration with Casey Hayes Creative

please click link below

“The Antic”


Julian Corvina


Supernova Radio plays the best of the best world class music. I have been doing a lot of production work for this wonderful fabulous internet radio station streaming here http://supernovaradio.co/SuperNova Radio Logo with web address


These are the first green screen video tests from the new video studio.  Shot interlaced 1080i, 4:2:0 – 8 bit color space … We are in the process of going to 10 bit, 4:2:2 50 Mbs color space…


These are the first spoken word audio tests from the new sound studio.



I edited this video… I co-wrote this video…I am the Associate Producer… The shooting script is in my hand… This is a video archive… We had all of the needed documentation and permissions…  We won The Golden Halo Award for this project… It did not surprise me… This is definitely “Greater Than Gold…”


Here at Kassner House Productions, “We do not keep hours… We work them” … Long 16 hour days are common here… I have to have nice areas to take breaks with clients, and guests to relax…

I have a new website for Lisa’s Favorite Recipes

Click this link to view http://lisakassner.weebly.com/

website 9.11.2014Featured above: My baked breaded, fresh caught salmon on a bed of tomatoes from the garden, lentils, chopped spinach with fresh lemon…


Here is a shot of the 5.1 Edit Suite. I use Sony Vegas Pro Software here at Kassner House!Const Edit Suite Lit tight

 Photo: Under Construction – April, 2013


Latest still of the audio mixing desk area under construction…

Hope to be done soon!


COLOR BARS  1920 x 1080


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