World of Westie Love !!!

Welcome Finley 10.07.17

Sunday Morning with Finley 10.08.17

Saturday Walk with Finley

Tuesday Trot 10.17.17

Finley’s New Ball 10.29.17

Finley’s New Big Blue Ball 11.1.17

Finley plays Tug of War!

“Tell me all about it!”

Finley talks to the camera again 11.9.17

Finley barks at the unknown!

Wanda’s Woof Waggin grooms Finley Tinkers.

Finley Tinkers July 29, 2018

Dirt Ball

Finley Tinkers Going for a WALK Easter Sunday 2019

Wanda’s Woof Waggin grooms MacTinkers

More than 10 years ago

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