My Grand parents house for sale 415 Main Street, Wildrose ND …History pixes and videos…

Update:  The house will be sold to the City of Wildrose ND… Pending Now!

Posted… August 27, 2019

Here is a link to images uploaded to Picasa/google images…


I took a train trip Via Portland OR to North Dakota… Video showing a lot…


Repairs needed on the house…Interview


Construction Images to photo Albums Chronology of development.


The Wildrose School Project

This is a true story of how and why the Wildrose School closed due to lack of children to attend. Theresa Marie Lynch interviews School Administrator Marlyn Vatne as he takes us on a tour of the Wildrose School, K – 12 that he gave his working 36 year career to.

Wildrose, North Dakota will celebrate its 100 year centennial in July of 2010.

Please enjoy this very interesting true story of how this little town of 135 people in Wildrose, North Dakota struggles to keep this school functional for the community and surrounding area of rural North West North Dakota.

Wikipedia link for Wildrose ND,_North_Dakota

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