Union Reality Series



Lisa Jayne Kassner

TREATMENT FOR COPYRIGHT  … any one who watched all of “Breaking Bad”, “House of Cards UK and USA version with Kevin”…  … good writing/producing…  all of it… … This is now the hottest topic on the planet … “What we all have in common with everyone on the planet, and more…… We all work, or have for a living everywhere!” …

This reality documentary based series television program is an inside look at the day to day operations that most unions face in the United States and around the world. This program will go behind the scenes to inform you of what every day life is about for a person who belong and work in a union or those people who seek to join or form a union local. We will meet actual people and follow them in day to day life experiences.

We will look at true actual aspects of:

* Corporate mergers

* Organizing

* Collective Bargaining for a contract and working conditions

* Strategies in Collective Bargaining

* Grievances and Grievance Procedures

* Arbitration and Arbitration Procedures

* Progressive discipline and termination for cause

* Becoming a Shop Steward

* Running for an elected position

* Members/Employee Assistance Program

* Globalization

* Coalitions and coalition building between unions and communities.

* Discrimination as it applies to Title 7 and what many contracts have been negotiated for in terms of nondiscrimination as it applies to race, creed, religions sexual orientation or sexual preference, sex, gender, gender identity or gender expression.

* Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA)

* Lobbying legislators to influence new laws obtaining rights in the workplace and housing making new federal mandates, state and local municipalities.

* Duty of Failure to Represent

What makes this documentary reality program unique:

This is a program made by union employees for and on behalf of other union employees sharing the impact of truth on both sides of the debate between Management and Represented Employees as it effects companies.

* We will see behind the scenes of union activities.

* We will see activities of union busting.

* This program endeavors to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth from the union perspective and the companies perspective.

* We will look and examine union activity on the job

* We will see actual investigations of a grievance as well as discipline activities from management.

* We will see preparation activities on both sides of management and the union putting on a case before an arbitrator.

* We will see actual arbitrations with an arbitrator and follow closely how each case enfolds.

* We will follow cases that involve company corruption, and Duty of Failure to Representation on behalf of some unions.

Never has there been such a behind the scenes look at the everyday activities all Unions face. The viewer will come away with a much broader understanding of just how big business works that may or not may have collective bargaining agreements with their employees.

This program endeavors to examine big business efforts to out-source jobs to cut costs of labor. This reality program will show the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, conflicts, hatred and love of unions.



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