Immigrant Labor Rally 5.1.07

Slide Show V 1.2

Please click on the link below to watch my slide presentations on the activities I documented on May 1, 2007 I produced for the UCLA Labor Immigrants Rights Rally.


On May 1, 2007, I photographed and documented the “March and Rally for the Rights of Immigrant Workers” on the local “National Day of Action.” Victor Narro, UCLA Labor Center, organized the rally with local Los Angeles Labor volunteers providing security. The Labor secuity volunteers are seen wearing bright colored green arm bands for the march to MacArthur Park.

The march began at 2:00 PM when Cardinal Mahoney arrived in his gold colored SUV. The media mobbed Cardinal Mahoney for an interview and shortly there after the march began. Many Los Angeles Police Officers on bicycles and in police cars provided escort for the march.

At MacArthur Park, it was a lovely warm spring day with blues skies and sun. Many mothers with strollers were in the park with their families. Telemundo was there with remote trucks and a covered canopy signing autographs for Telemundo’s fans and viewers. A short while later the rally marchers arrived entering the park hot, but enthusiastic.

About 5:30 pm I went up to Alavarado Blvd. There I took digital still photos of Aztec Indians dancing in costume surrounded by families watching the activities.

While I was there at the Immigrant Labor Rally, it was a lovely peaceful demonstration. I left the rally shortly before arrival of Los Angeles Police Department officers. Altogether I took some 1190 high quality digital still images.


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